Matthew Lederman CEO
Lederman founded AMExT in February 2005 to market a proprietary auction technology to customers in industry and government. Since that time, he has also worked with Max Keiser of Hollywood Stock Exchange fame to create a patent-pending online film finance technology. He has also developed several telephone applications and worked on some alternative energy and microfinance projects.

Prior to this, he designed the Televaction realtime multimedia distribution system. This was a kiosk controlled remotely by use of mobile and wireline telephones, to play games, music and other audio video content.

He earlier designed and programmed the Gotham Casino real time interactive game site.

He also collaborated on the design, writing and programming of the Rogue Market World Wide Web based real time multiplayer game. The Rogue Market was the first celebrity stock market game when it launched in September 1996. Here's a link to an article from Wired if you're nostalgic.

He collaborated on the design and built and programmed a telephone system for storing, retrieving, routing and delivering facsimile and voice data.

He collaborated on the concept and the software for a prototype of a television game show for the SciFi Network. This project involved involved multiple caller input affecting the television output in real time.

He also conceived, designed, built and programmed an advertiser-supported long-distance telephone system. The system contained switching and messaging hardware and software that enabled advertisers to provide free switched telephone service and to both target and track delivery of advertising As part of this he wrote and negotiated the first regulatory tariff in New York State, and perhaps the United States, covering advertiser-sponsored calling using this telephone system. He received a patent for this invention.

He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison
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